Where to see

Qingshui Cliff

Qingshui Cliff is located between Suhua Highway(Hwy. No. 9), Heren and Chongde. It is 12 km long, 5 of which span the coastline. This 5 km stretch has a majestic natural beauty. When traveling through this section, you can see both the rugged cliff and the endless ocean at the same time, making one wondering how much work the pioneers had to put into building this section of road.

Suhua Highway has recently undergone reconstruction to widen the road, which was accomplished by constructing tunnels. The old highway has become a wonderful scenic route along the ocean. Visitors can have a good view of the waves crashing into the rocky coast. This magnificent area has been designated as one of the Eight Wonders of Taiwan.

Qixingtan Scenic Area

Located on the northeast beach of Xincheng Town, Qixingtan is the only county level scenic area in Hualien. Besides the crescent bay and clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, the beach is full of colorful agates that are easily found and appreciated. Qixingtan used to be a small fishing village. Due to its abundant natural beauty, multiple scenic trails, beach pavilions, pagodas, and Star-Gazing Square, Qixingtan has become a popular tourist destination, particularly known for its remarkably blue sky and turquoise seas. Qixingtan beach is the best place to watch the moon and the stars, or simply meditate as you are soothed by the sound of the ocean waves washing over the pebbles.

Sanjan Playrest

Halfway between Hualien and Taroko Gorge, lies "Pratan" in Taroko-zu "三棧 Sanjhan" (THREE PEAKS) in Mandarin. The people of Taroko village are warm and friendly They are happy to share two pristine mountain rivers and some of the best hiking in Asia.

Their Visitor Center is a great place to start, Water tracing is the best activitiy during sumer time. Here, you can either chose to swim a hour in the Sanjhan river or to explore the golden grotto.

Chondge Shingle Beach

Down to the shingle beach, you can view the lovely coastal scenery, with the azure blue sea and touch the soft beach. Looking to the north, you can see the Qingshui Cliff which is one of the "Eight Wonders" in Taiwan. You can admire the majestic appearance coastal cliffs. Looking to the south, you can see the Liwu River wander to the sea and the Chongde delta. You can sit on the beach watching fishermen fix their nets, and if you are lucky, see their catch.

Chongde beach is the best place to enjoy the sunrise The rays of morning shine on the sea surface and become thousands of flickering points of light. You can also see flocks of birds flying about and diving for food.

When you drive along the Su-Hua Highway, do not miss this place that will make you feel relaxed and happy.

Where to Eat

Dajili restaurant

Dajili aboriginal restaurant is famous for its local Taroko cousin. Teacher Guo and his wife started this restaurant from few old tables and no menu dishes. People are amazed by its nature ingredients and traditional dishes. You can enjoy the meal and spectacular view at the same time.

Jiaxing local restaurant

The lemonade of Jiaxing local restaurant is a must-drink drink when you visit Taroko. It is located on the old street of Xincheng village. You will be surprised at how tasty the lemonade is and the good flavor of the dishes are. Don't miss it!!