LiWuZuoCun B&B
Address: No.198-15, Chondge, Xiulin Township, Hualien County,972 Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone: +88638621511
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Shuttle Service

Free shuttle service to and from the Xincheng train station, please inform us your arrival time at least 1 day in advance.

By Bus

Take bus No 1132 from Hualien Bus Station → Route 9 → it takes about 40-60 minutes → After the Taroko station → you are ready to call a stop right before going to Chondge → Liwuzuocun B&B is on your left side.

By Train:(Best way) 

You can take Zi Qiang /Taroko Express Train (Eastbound) to Hualien Station. It takes 2 to 3 hrs on the train according to different train types. From the Xincheng Train Station, take the ourl shuttle to Liwuzuocun B&B.

By Car

From Taipei
Taipei→National Expressway 5→ Route 9 Suhua Highway→Thru Chongde Tunnel →Turn right and proceed straight→ Get to Route 8 → About 200 meters, Liwuzuocun B&B is on your right

From Taichung
Taichung→National Expressway 3(Caotun Interchange)→ Route 14→ Pass Puli→ Route 14A →Qingjing→ Hehuan Mountain→ Dayuling→ Proceed right towards Tianxiang Taroko (Route 8)→ Pass the Taroko visitor center → Go Downhill about 50 meters then turn left before the small bridge (Jinwoon bridge錦文橋)→ Aout 5 minutes by car, Liwuzucoun B&B is on your left.

From Kaoshung
Ping-er Highway→ South Round Highway→ Taidong→ Route 9 Eastern Rift Valley Highway→ Pass Xincheng→ Pass Taroko bridge→ Turn left to Route 8→About 200 meters, Liwuzuocun B&B is on your right

LiWuzuocun B&B